Finding yourself or a loved one in a position where support from a nurse or caregiver becomes necessary to remain at home can be an overwhelming feeling. Retaining independence by living in their own homes is integral to most adults' sense of well-being yet frailty, illness and forgetfulness can make living at home difficult. A common approach for individuals who do need some medical services is to assemble a team consisting of a licensed medical professional to assist one more hours a week with medical needs and a non-medical caregiver to assist throughout the week with basic activities and provide companionship. 

Understanding what exactly caregivers, nurses and home nursing aides do and sorting through the myriad of options can be time consuming and trying. What Is Home Care, a guide designed to answer all of your senior care questions, provides a more in-depth understanding of what services caregivers provide and how home care can have a dramatic impact for the better on someone’s life.

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